Spicy and Fresh Carnitas Nachos

These carnitas nachos combine the best of slow cooked pork with fresh ingredients into a spicy crunch that you and your guests will devour before you can grab the plates! So, this talented blogger has one of the best appetizers ever.  I made her shrimp taco bites a bunch last year and they rock. Spicy and… Continue reading Spicy and Fresh Carnitas Nachos

Here’s to Oscar Night….and my first movie!


It has been so hard to keep up on this blog. Everyone’s life is busy and mine seems taken up by work, two rambunctious kids, a house in need of constant attention, and social obligations.

I find time to cook, but not to write. And I love to write. But I have other tools to express my thoughts and this week I learned how to make a movie….right from my phone.
… Continue reading

Dinner in 15 – Sweet Chili Shrimp

“Mommy! Are we home yet?” “No, my love. Do you see our house?” “No, Mommy.” “Then we are definitely not there yet, kid.” 6 hours of these questions, sibling arguments, and Frozen sing-a-longs and our trip finally ended. A small SUV is a very small space for a long weekend road trip. Our long weekend… Continue reading Dinner in 15 – Sweet Chili Shrimp